quinta-feira, janeiro 15, 2015

The Children of Húrin - book read on 2014/2

Some nights ago I finished the reading of The Children of Húrin, the second book from J.R.R. Tolkien that I had the pleasure to appreciate. It was my companion for many night hours, since my reading in English is not so fast as it is in Portuguese, and there was another difficulty, the names. When I read the last two books from The Song of Ice and Fire, well, I had knew the characters from the previous books, but this time it took me long hours to get familiar with.
Well, it is a great story, and everyone knows this. So, what made me read this was my friend Eber, who brought it from the USA in his exchange. Thank you Eber, I'd like to say it publicly. The way the story is passed is very similar to The Hobbit, a journey that must continue and will lead to other stories. And as I'm not so good in English typing, my thoughts are not so sharp, and my short review is very, very short this time. No literary appointments. Bye, have a good weekend.
As you can see, on my left, The Children of Húrin, on my (k)night table

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